Budget-Bal v1.1

It's a budget tracker, forecaster, and reminder app, all in one.

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Different.  Simple.  Powerful.

Partial Features List:

• Budget-Bal provides a way to project a running balance by allowing the rearrangement of the order of transactions (drag transaction items up or down).  The running balance is re-computed at every transaction point when an entry is changed.

drag rearrange

• Icons mark upcoming bills needing payment or attention.  This provides for a quick indication of items that are due today, past due, or due within 24 or 48 hours from today.


• Formatting of currency, date, time and data entry matches the region selected for the device.  Budget-Bal takes advantage of the iPhone's ability to format region-specific date and currency information.  (examples…)

date picker SGD
date picker punjabi

china yaun
iceland kroner
india hindi
french euro 1

date SGD
date cyprus greek
date india punjabi

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